Four Pillars of success in CA IPCC

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Dedication and discipline can take a person a long way. And when we talk about a CA aspirant it is important to have the focus clear because of the intensity and complexity of the exam and course, which ICAI has.

Talent and hard work without direction is something which can be disastrous. Here we are going to discuss four important the pillars for any CA aspirant. These pillars will help the aspirant during CA  foundation, intermediate or final to perform great in exams. In fact, if you implement these steps it can lead you to rank in your CA examination.

Effective Planning

Planning is the very first thing which students need to do for getting proper results. Now you may think that this is a very obvious thing and almost every student does the same but what is important here is the level and quality of planning.

Many students make plans for study but when they are not able to follow, they do not get the desired results. The following are the points that will help you in planning your subjects well:

  1. Chapter wise analysis.
  2. Subject wise analysis.
  3. calculating the number of hours for study.
  4. Proper guidance from an expert.

Time Management

Now the next concern for the students after the planning stage is the implementation of the plan. the student must manage his time well and for this, he or she might have to learn the tactics of time management. For CA students, time management is very critical because they are already loaded with classes, exams, article ship, etc. A student who achieved a good rank in IPCC in May 2016 rightly quoted, “Everyone has the same time. Its all about how you deal with that time. Initially, I use to study at night and in the morning after waking up and being ready I use to go to class. I faced an issue in finding time to study. Then every day in the morning I stated half an hour study which is dedicated to the revision of every previous day study and surprisingly I started studying for an extra half an hour every day and without disturbing my night study schedule. Such practices helped me to convert my unproductive time into most productive work of revision”

If you too wish to work ahead of your time, you ought to manage it well.

Study Method

After planning and time management, the next important thing is how to effectively use the time. Here study methods play an important role. Normal psychology says that a human can remember more if his/her mind accepts and understands things. So, the first important parameter here is to logically understand each and every area. If you don’t understand each concept logically than it will be difficult to remember which leads you to the strategy of mugging up things but in CA course it is not a solution as you can’t just remember everything because of the size of the course. So here three areas which can help you in studying effectively:

  1. Coaching

Go for coaching institute regularly and try to understand a concept as it’s a first avenue where you are going to learn things. If you have not understood a concept in the classroom get clarity first. Failure in learning new things in the first attempt will lead you to dissatisfaction and ultimately you will be demotivated. Always keep one thing in mind that time taken for the understanding concept is the first priority in being successful and it’s the most effectively utilized time in the whole study

  1. Self-Study

We, at Navkar Institute, always insist on our students for self- study. our expert faculties are always there to teach them but when the student studies on his own, he comes to know his own strengths and weaknesses. Eventually, he improvises on the weak topics and become a master in everything.

  1. Revision

Revision plays an important role for a CA aspirant. By doing time management as discussed above, you can plan your revision.  Regular planning of study should not be disturbed by revision. You strictly need to do revision by finding out other small time slots starting from 10 minutes to 30 minutes maximum.



Missing an examination is a crime for a student. you will never come to know your progress unless you measure it and exams are the best thing to do this. When your classes provide you with this amazing chance to appear for chapter wise, full-  examination, you must attempt them so that you know where do you stand.

Appearing for these tests and mock tests will give you a fair idea of your own progress. always remember that you are not competing with others but you are competing with your own self to do better and better every day. Further, after appearing for the exam, you should sit with your faculty for a detailed analysis of the paper. At times, the answers are right but the way of appearing for the exam is wrong. Sort these things with your faculty and success will surely come to you.

These are the main four pillars of being a topper in CA inter or CA IPCC exam. These points can lead you to realize your dream of getting positive results every time in your CA journey

This article is an ultimate guide from the experts of Navkar Institute to help you pass your CA examinations with flying colors. Apply these strategies under the expert guidance and you will surely achieve the intended outcome.

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You are entering finally entering into the most important period of your life. This academic period of 4 or 5 years will decide your life. You can either waste it or invest it.

For commerce students, there are, BBA and BCA. These graduation degrees are followed by, MBA, and MCA. Apart from these, you can enroll yourself for professional courses such as CA and CS. Along with your, you can prepare for these courses. Both of these professional courses are divided into three levels and the course can be religiously completed within a span of 4.5 years.

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Customer Testimonial

Pratiksha Malpani: AIR 47 IPCC

I had joined Navkar Institute in the year 2015 when I shifted from Bharuch to Ahmedabad. Navkar Institute proved to be my second home. Navkar Institute is not only excelling academically but it is also providing PG facilities to the students. Moreover, the institute helps the students to join article ship programs with the help of its exclusive placement committee.

Navkar Institute provides a personal level teaching and the institute helped in my journey from being a good student to the best one.

About Navkar Institute

Navkar Institute is the pioneer in introducing interactive learning for all the CA aspirants in Ahmedabad. We are known as the best CA and CS coaching classes in Ahmedabad. We are in this industry for a decade and the following specialties make us different from the rest of our competitors:

  • Separately premised for each level.
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  • World-Class Infrastructure

Looking at the above CA IPCC topper tips, we believe you would pass your CA exams well. For further guidance on how to pass CA IPCC examination, reach out to Navkar Institute which is one of the best CA coaching classes in Ahmedabad.

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